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    Offers the services including IDC(Internet Data Center) Cloud Storage, Cloud Backup& Disaster Recovery, Cloud Hosting and Cloud Security, as well as scheming, operating and maintaining the hardware systems for public business network, government airs network and MAN( Metropolitan Area Network). Meanwhile, integrates information systems of various governmental departments based on software system capability to effectively solve the problem of isolated information,realizing the full information sharing, facilitating the using model of "one stop, one network, one number and one card".

    System Advantage

    I-stack city operating system facilitates smart government administration by tackling the problems of isolated information and management complexity, fulling "four unification": unified resource management platform, unified inter-connection interface, unified storage and analysis method, unified user's interface. While providing users with holistic business chain system service, it helps users solve information security issues by means of security software and hardware product lines centering on electronic file security management system, safe file exchange system, information security gateway, high-speed information diverter, network security supervision platform and network security recorder.

    System Architecture
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