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    Commercial Real Estate

    INESA is a strong and professional player in the planning and reconstruction, the transformation and upgrading of industrial real estate. It’s also strong and professional in the development and management of commercial real estate. She has many commercial real estate projects in Shanghai downtown area and national economic development zones (Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, Jinqiao Export Processing Zone and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park). In recent years,focusing on smart city building, INESA actively builds smart industry community, taking advantage of competitive industry and new generation of information technology, provides the park managerial staff, settled enterprises and employees with brand new information exchange experience, improves all-round work efficiency and life quality for settled down customers, highlighting the unique advantages of smart industrial community. As a listed company subordinated to INESA, Shanghai China Fortune Co., Ltd. (SH600621) is responsible for operating the supporting business of commercial real estate industry.
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