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    Non-banking Financial Services

    INESA makes full use of China fortune securities’ platform and cooperates with international financial institutions such as Morgan Stanley and SBI to broaden the outreach services, improve service level and profitability. Based on the existing securities, funds and futures business, INESA is exploring new financial business such as assets management, OTC business and financial leasing as well as focusing on providing smart city construction, operation and maintenance with effective financial support.Besides, INESA is actively constructing an industry investment system covering the whole life cycle,driven by innovative incubation and venture capital investment, to effectively promote industrial fusion so as to provide developing environment for new type of business and new business model.

    • Add: 168 Tianlin Road, Shanghai, P. R. China
    • P. C.: 200233
    • Tel: 8621-24122600
    • Fax:8621-51793700
    • Website: www.doukanwo.com
    • E-MAIL:services@cfsc.com.cn
    • Customer Service Hotline:021-32109999 029-68918888

    The business system across securities, funds and futures

    China fortune securities works with the world famous investment bank Morgan Stanley to carry out comprehensive strategic cooperation, jointly setting up Morgan Stanley Huaxin Securities Company Limited and Morgan Stanley Huaxin Fund Management Company Limited. In addition, China Fortune securities sets up 100% holding subsidiaries of China Fortune Futures Co., Ltd, China Fortune Kuanzhong Investment Co., Ltd., and China Fortune Securities Investment Co., Ltd..

    Complete comprehensive nancial service system

    Complete securities business qualifications, including: securities brokerage, securities issuance and underwriting, securities investment consulting, securities asset management and securities self-support business. Qualifications related to securities trading and securities investment activities, including financial advisory qualifications, open-end securities investment funds selling qualifications,financial agency product qualification, securities margin trading business qualification, the National SME share transfer system hosted brokerage business qualifications and market maker qualification, repurchase securities trading qualifications agreed by Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges, providing intermediary business qualifications for futures company, OTC derivatives business qualification,Shanghai Stock Exchange 50ETF rst-class dealer qualification, borrowing and lending operation qualification among national banks, online securities entrusted business qualications, transaction dealer qualification on fixed income securities integrated electronic platform in Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges block trading business qualification, private fund comprehensive custody business qualification, all of which can provide comprehensive and quality financial services for investors.

    Financial services with characteristics

    Listed corporations with characteristics and corporate structure financing services. INESA focuses on industrial structured nance with smart city and real estate industry as the core,credit structured financing with financial institutions as the core, and corporation structured financing with listed companies as the core to issue structured financing products with characteristics.

    Integrated services of new three boards of the whole industry chain.Provide small and medium-sized enterprises with the whole industry chain service mode for different needs of development consisting of "direct investment+ listing + marketing + increasing + board transfer".

    High quality listed corporation and local government financing services. Successively issued bonds or equity financing for State Grid Corporation, Shenzhen Metro Group,Shanghai Lingang Economic Development Group, SAIC Automotive Finance Company, Ltd., Tianjin Shipping, Zhejiang Electric Power and North Building Materials.

    National first-class futures hedging services. Provide futures hedging services for domestic large enterprises and listed corporations. At the same time, provide stock index futures,stock options and other risk management services for enterprises and investors.

    Branches all over the country

    There are more than 60 branches all over the nation, including 5 branches and more than 50 securities business departments in more than 30 cities.

    Completely new nancing lease service

    INESA jointly invested a nancial lease company with SBI (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Centering around smart city construction and operation, this company’s businesses include nancial leasing and rental business, leasing property purchasing both at home and abroad, leasing transaction advisory and guarantee business.Fully integrate the superior resources of both shareholders to realize the combination between low cost capital, home and abroad, and smart city construction and operation project, by way of direct lease, leaseback after sales business model, to promote construction and development of smart cities in China and all over world.

    Full range of industrial investment system

    INESA is actively constructing an industry investment system covering the whole life cycle,driven by innovative incubation and venture capital investment, to effectively promote industrial fusion so as to provide developing environment for new type of business and new business model.

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