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    Chairman’s Speech

    INESA has a long history, but always keeps pace with the times. Having achieved tremendous industrial development in the past, it never lags behind the times or innovation, and keeps seeking for a new path to innovative transformation development.

    In recent years, guided by the new strategy of conforming to the trend of the international industry development and complying with the position of city function of Shanghai as well as suiting INESA’s actual circumstances of industry, INESA has been promoting the fusion of electronics manufacturing industry and information services industry, exerting its efforts to develop system integration and application services to form the business layout from cloud to terminals. It also has been promoting the fusion of information services industry, commercial real estate and non-banking financial services to shape its unique superiorities of forging smart city total solution provider and operator. From the integration of resources inside INESA to the integration of resources in China and to the integration of overseas resources, INESA is entering a new stage of accelerating nationwide layout and overseas development.

    As the cultural genes of INESA, open-mindedness and pioneering spirit have been inherited by INESA people generation after generation,which is also the mighty spiritual power that continuously promotes the reform, transformation and development of the enterprise.In recent years, INESA has been persisting in open and market-oriented restructuring and union, strengthening merger and acquisition both at home and abroad and actively developing the economy of mixed ownership. In the process of introducing capital and talents, INESA vigorously introduced the market-oriented mechanism, which has played a very important role in speeding up the industrial layout, developing system integration services, exploring new type of business and business model as well as ensuring the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.

    Times are changing fast and changes call for innovation which in turn promotes progress. Driven by Made in China 2025 strategy and Shanghai’s policy of developing Four New Economies (new technology, new industry, new type of business, new model) to accelerate the building of the globally influential science and technology innovation center, INESA, with the principle of “strengthening administration, prospering industries and benefiting people”, will serve smart city building both at home and abroad based on its international horizon, market-oriented mechanism, professional level and systematic capability. INESA is willing to carry out multi-level cooperation with global social resources to build smart city ecosystem together. We will continue to maintain the spirit of innovation and obligation, firmly promoting industrial development, creating social values and fulfilling social responsibility to make our city better and more beautiful!

    — — Wang Qiang, Secretary of INESA’s Party Committee & Chairman

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